How to use #ifdef to differentiate 64bit and 32bit

by ixmx

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If you want to use the _WIN64, _WIN32 macros, list the _WIN64 one first.

#if defined _WIN64

#elif defined _WIN32



_WIN32 is defined for both 32 and 64 bit projects so you know that it will always be defined on a MSVC build.

_WIN64 on the other hand is only defined with a 64 bit compiler. So putting 64 first eliminates the need to check for both at once.

The final else is there for if your code is ever built with a different compiler which doesn’t predefine _WIN32 or _WIN64.

This way you can provide an option for that, but if you know it will never be built besides an MSVC compiler then you can just remove it.

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